Monday, June 23, 2008

Why I Am Starting A Recipe Blog?

I know that I am not really an amazing cook and don't really have amazing recipes. However, the recipes I do have are usually covered in sauce, flower, butter, oil, and all sorts of things that get splattered on them. One thing I have been doing lately is typing my recipes on the computer, then I just keep the laptop nearby when I am cooking. I find that this is easier for me. I also never misplace the recipes, because I know that they are on the computer. I don't have very many recipes, but I thought that someday, Alli might want to try some of these recipes out. You know, the family favorites. Since I am a picky eater, I don't have very many recipes, but I think that this will be a fun blog to create. All of these recipes are tried and tested and John loves them.

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